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About Us

Family Owned Business since 1932


     WH Fitzgerald, Inc. is a fourth generation family business operating in Warren County Pennsylvania since the midst of the Great Depression in 1932.  Our founder William H Fitzgerald was the son of Irish immigrants who came from the coal belt of central Pennsylvania before paved roads or electrification.

   His friend & neighbor Clinton Wilder established a coal fired forge and machine shop in the town and Fitzgerald transported finished products to their destinations and coal back to the forge. 

   Travel was primitive by todays standards and his two axle Dodge & Studebaker trucks shared the dirt roads with many horse drawn vehicles and foot traverlers.



  To satisfy our customers with cost-effective and timely pickups and deliveries of finished customer products and work in process moving between various heavy manufacturing facilities, ports, warehouses and commercial sites.  Products routinely transported over the years are locomotive and compressor crankshafts, centrifugal steel pipe molds, pressure vessels and nuclear components, ship parts and shafting, iron and steel castings, construction equipment, materials and primary iron and steel articles.

Authorities & Memberships


 - 48 state Interstate Common & Contract Authorities

 - Pennsylvania & New York State Intrastate Authorties

 - US & Canada Customs Bonded

 - 48 state Property Brokerage Authority

 - Ontario Commercial Vehicle Authority

    US Government Authority



 - 60 year member PA Motor Trucking Association      

 - National Federation of Independent Businesses

 - Manufacturers & Business Association

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